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No one is free, The premise upon which The United States was founded has been murdered upon the alter of the Military Industrial complex, Big Banks, Corporate corruption, of which "our" government is a paid accomplice.

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I am curious whether I am on this “dragnet” list of people following Assange. Anyone explain how I find out? This actually does worry me because I think the forces of darkness would be more worried about someone like me, trying to get the Assange cultists to drop it and go do something effective toward ending oligarchic rule.

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#KittyHundal, why is my "ex" Jamie calling my former fiance' "CIA" & my "ex" after him, an "actual informant"--after they all abused me? Do you know why? 2 seem to be in touch w/#TrevorFitzGibbon's #ShadowboxStrategiesInc network...including #Jimmysllama (a.k.a. #ArvetteReese, an alleged cop's ex-wife from Ohio)...?




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If I'm a "Fed whore"...how come Kitty Hundal is reporting me to the "Fed whore" FBI, Suzie?


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#KittyHundal allegedly admired my research for years...but oddly, as soon as I ask Suzie Dawson & Kitty difficult questions about "spook-tied" #TrevorFitzGibbon offering "PR" services to Panquake, I'm reported to the "#FBI"...






How's your "asylum" going, Suzie? We never hear about it, anymore, for some odd reason...


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Suzie, approx. how many fake Twitter accounts promote Panquake and/or claimed to be #Unity4J activists? B/c I don't think 3-4000 people joined...IMO.

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Are you in Russia or New Zealand, now, Suzie? B/c if you are back to NZ--why were you pressuring all the Wikileaks activists to fundraise for your "asylum" in Russia, during the height of phony Russiagate?


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Why do both, #KittyHundal & you, try to imply I somehow work with and/or personally know Ray Johansen...when the two of you had a pre-existing relationship with him & I was just some random activist all of you attacked, IMO.


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Also, why do you, Suzie Dawson, need a woman who won't confirm her name or show her face on camera to allegedly repeatedly try to suppress my #FreedomOfSpeech & claim she's "calling FBI" on Wikileaks activists (#KittyHundal)? Is that your policy, Suzie? When you are asked difficult questions, you just have your friends tied to Ray Johansen abuse the Wikileaks/#StopTPP activists Trevor FitzGibbon/his spook team allegedly targeted?


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Why did Panquake "PR" helper, #TrevorFitzGibbon, form a "defamation" company (#ShadowboxStrategiesInc) w/an alleged, "clandestine," FELON, stalker, murderer, w/"#Pentagon"/(CIA?) ties & sexually target Wikileaks activists? Can you explain that, Suzie Dawson? Thanks.






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