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Well golly gosh and oil my squeeky zimmer wheels!

CIA (Cocaine Importers Airlines) and ... AND ...... APPLE .... AND ZOOOOMMM, might be .... recording our online chatsss!

But? What about EVERY OTHER .... "agency" .... device maker AND RETAIL STORE ASSISTANT who's ever "looked in your eyes"???

Now, dont missread me.

Lots, like over 20, of college or secondary private schoolies, have morals.

But belieeeving all, who are GETTIN' PAAAID, to push market a device to us, never also tinkers with technology and coding for fun or more data on y'all, is fuckin NAIVE!

Like rite now, ASIO and the store are hacking me!

Fuckin';#JaRD dont begin to explain my state!!!

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