How did we end up trading our privacy for social media? The status quo is terrifying. But hope is on the horizon. Suzie Dawson talks to cybersecurity…

December 2022

"Panquake is worth dedicating my life to" Dawson states in a heartfelt video monologue released to the Panquake community today

July 2022

Big Tech has held too much power, for too long. A movement by the people and for the people is changing that. Tonight, at 5pm Eastern US a new realm of…

April 2022

Bitcoin stream suspended, Android apps snoop on millions for US spies, FBI patches firewalls via backdoors, Amazon Alexa pwns itself
CIA Torture Whistleblower John Kiriakou Announced As Panquake Ambassador

February 2022

Privacy up for debate with US state lawmakers pushing against facial recognition, Brazilian airports deploying biometrics and the US Congress…
Privacy-protecting web application combats social media mass surveillance. Continuing an impressive track record of promises kept, PANQUAKE has today…
Also: Who has been profiting from sensitive data gathered by a crisis helpline?
NordVPN in Catch 22 - complying with the law on data requests without any data

January 2022

Also: another EU ruling against Google: Are the dominoes falling?
Using Covid-19 to push privacy boundaries: Chile and biometrics; Bosses surveilling you at home; First they microchipped animals… now they’re…
As people seek an alternative to Big Tech abuses, GETTR has gained millions of users. Our exclusive investigation reveals the troubling tech behind…