FULL EPISODE: Talk Liberation ‒ Your Worldwide Internet Report Episode 09 Feat. Taylor Hudak

10 minutes of headline news that affects Internet users the world over.

We will be publishing our #WLDragnet investigation soon. In the meantime, enjoy our video rundown of vitally important news - Your Worldwide Internet Report feat. Taylor Hudak.

News we cover in this video:

  • Singapore testing patrol robots

  • Australia demands selfies from locked-down citizens

  • Twitter marks Assange CIA plot tweets "intense"

  • Disabled Virginians' personal info leaked in breach

  • EU Parliament bans mass biometric surveillance

  • Delta & TSA team up over facial recognition tech

  • Massive Twitch data breach exposes users' incomes

  • Rest In Peace Eynelys Garcia. Help support her family here.

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